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Olya and Vira “The Mad Twins” are Ukrainian born twin sisters. Drawing since the early age they got the classic art education in the Chernivtsi children’s art school of the legendary teacher Victor Makogon who taught them not just how to draw but the whole true hard work ethic. After discovering of the sub-culture underground gigs in their own hometown in the age 13 they were kicked out from secondary school for being punk rockers and not paying bribes to teachers. Mad Twins started their first collaborations with a local bands making hand drawn posters and record covers till late 90s. They entered the local rockabilly/psychobilly scene by moving to capital of Ukraine Kyiv and working with ukrainian neo-billy band Mad Heads. Overcoming many difficulties of getting visas process Mad Twins finally become able to travel to Europe to visit the shows of their favorite bands in 2009. During the many meetings with fav musicians they build friendly connections to create artworks for them. 

  Since childhood Mad Twins had a desire to create their own hand drawn animation. Due to the growing up in a post-soviet chaos there were no opportunity to study it officially. Olya & Vira  studied animation themselves to do music videos for bands and tell their own stories which they consider is their best skill. During the last decade Mad Twins got know for the award-winning video for Social Distortion “Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown” which was premiere in the Rolling Stone magazine and got millions of views. Video for Nekromantix “Horny in a Hearse” was aired by Mtv2, video for Reverend Horton Heat “Hardscrabble woman” was hosted many comedy movie festivals in USA. “Batmomaniacs” was done for a cult Dutch psychobilly band Batmobile. In 2021-22 Mad twins made "The Big Drag" for NOFX, "The Dwarves and the Queens" for Josh Freese, "Good enough" for Jim Lindberg.
  Since the start of full-scale Russia's war against Ukraine Mad Twins stayed in Ukraine, supporting volunteers fundraisers and produced animated videos during air alerts and blackouts. Latest videos was made for Flogging Molly "Song of Liberty" and Blag Dahlia - Ralph Shampagne project. 

  Mad Twins loves challenge themselves by drawing in a variety of art technique. Mad Twins are back to their punk rock music roots for it’s social messages and rockabilly/psychobilly music for it’s energy they putting to their art. After working years in digital media Mad Twins are getting back to a traditional media hand drawn artworks. They preferring symboilsm and deep meaning in art but still not staying away from humour and obligation of every artist to bring beauty to the world through aesthetic. 


Mad Twins worked with bands and artists:

Social Distortion, Flogging Molly, The Reverend Horton Heat, Jason Freese, Batmobile, Nekromantix, The Living End, Dropkick Murphy’s, The Francine, Franks & Deans, Lucero, Devil Doll, Mad Heads, Hellfire Sox, Les Podervyansky.

Events: Punk Rock & Paintbrushes, Horton’s Hayride.

Record Labels: Fun-Guy Reords, Diablo Records.


Favourite techniques: Indian ink on paper, ink on wet paper, watercolour, pyrography, lino print, handcrafts. 


MT providing design of: t-shirts, festival posters, full record artwork package, design for merch.